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The New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) is one of the top 10 olive oil events in the world.  10 of the olive oils on this site medaled Gold or Silver this year including Chacewater Olive Mill.  Chacewater is one of California’s best producers and the farming is either Certified Organic or Sustainable (there is really no difference with regards to the farming practices in this area of CA some farmers just don’t feel like jumping through the hoops).  Jerry and Eleni

We love working with Chacewater because they are very conscientious producers.  The estate is Certified Organic across the board and they have one of the best olive mills in the country outfitted with the latest Italian milling gear..  Their Olive Oil wins medals at the biggest events in the world.  They produce 3  olive oils  Allegra, Mission and their Tuscan Blend.  To learn more about Chacewater Olive Mill and Winery Click Here or on the image above to visit their producer page.

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Frantoio Franci... Tuscany, Italy

Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Frantoio Franci is one of the most awarded EVOO in the world.   After purchasing the famous Villa Magra Estate, Giorgio realized that the family should concentrate or producing Super Premium Olive.  The rest is history…

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Frantoio di Riva Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Alto Adige

Frantoio Di Riva... Alto Adige, Italy

The olive oils from the northern most producers of EVOO in Italy tend to be delicate to light bodied oils.  They’re flavorful but have a leaner mouth feel.  These oils are actually rare and hard to come by.  Frantoio di Riva is one of the best.

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Frantoio Romano... Campania, Italy

Alberto Romano belongs to the fourth generation in his family of olive oil producers.  For more than a century passion tradition and knowledge have been handed down from father to son. The pride of the Frantoio Romano is the variety ORTICE.

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Frantoio Bonamini... Veneto, Italy

Frantoio Bonamini is fro the The hills of Verona in Northern Italy.  The oil they produce is made of Favarol and Grignano olive and   has a delicate mouth feel.  This is a really beautiful EVOO that is rarely seen out of Italy.  Best DOP/IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Light Fruit – Flos Olei Guide 2014

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De Carlo... Puglia, Italy

The De Carlo family’ heritage related to the the production of olive oil dates as far back as the 16th century.  The new generation, all share the same passion for producing top quality EVOO’s largely from the family’s own orchards.  Year after year they win acclaim as one of the worlds top producers.

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VIOLA... Umbria, italy

The Extra Virgin Olive Oils from MARCO VIOLA are truly extraordinary. Highly acclaimed for their farming techniques as well as the quality of their EVOO they are also recognized as innovators in the production process.

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OlioCRU... Trentino Alto Adige

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been produced in the Alto Garda in the north of Italy on top of Lake Garda in a valley protected by mountains dating back to the Roman Empire. Crusher and Leccino are the primary varieties and Garda oil has a pleasant fruity scent of fresh olives and a delicate mouth feel.

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Oleoestepa... Andalusia, Spain

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain by Oleoestepa unites the efforts of more than 5,000 olive growers and the 17 associated oil mills located in the Estepa DOP of Seville and Cordoba. The oil produced is the result of an experience handed down from father to son for more than 2,000 years.

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Oro Bailen... Andalusia, Spain

EVOO from Spain by OroBailen is produced at the gateway to Andalusia, in the town of Villanueva de la Reina. Olives have been a staple here for centuries but the Gálvez-González family is new to the business. However they have great business skills and brought with them a fresh perspective.

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La Cultivada... Andalusia, Spain

La Cultivada translates to food from the land. Their EVOOs have remarkable aromas and flavour. Its excellent quality stems from the teroir of the land at the Molino de Santa Ana Estate, the characteristics of the Hojiblanca variety and the local Cordoban climate, along with strict controls.

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How To Buy EVOO 2015

What You Neet To Know About EVOO

When it comes to  extra virgin olive oil there is a new scam every day.   Most consumers are not very good shoppers!  They simply take what is offered to them  Food fraud is the norm not the exception so lets see if we can help you make some better choices when it comes to EVOO.

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Frantoio Prunetti

Frantoio Prunetti

Gionni and Paolo Pruneti who are still just in their thirties but passionate from an early age about extra virgin olive oil. They are living as guardians of a family tradition handed down over four generations.

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Did I mention that CrossroadsFoodAndWine.com has a really sensational selection of Craft Chocolate

The Academy defines fine chocolate as:

Containing no vegetable fat other than cocoa butter…  With a minimum cocoa content of: Dark 60%; Milk 30%…  Where the quality, provenance and treatment of the cocoa beans have been considered…  Containing no artificial additives such as vanillin, flavorings, coloring’s, preservatives, etc.

Members of the Academy are committed to ethically sourced chocolate.

We tell clients Olive Oil is the magic sauce  
It is literally a  gift from the universe in the sense that it actually upgrades the bioavailability of the other good foods you eat.  In other words you could steam broccoli or you could sauté broccoli in EVOO.  The sautéed broccoli will render more of its polyphenols than the steamed.  The fats in EVOO act as a transport system for the polyphenols in the other foods you eat.  Whereas the polyphenols in vegetables are water soluble consequently you end up pouring most of the nutrients down the drain when you steam or boil.  Why are polyphenols important well they act like antioxidants reducing oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals.
In addition to hundreds of polyphenols that are in EVOO the phenolic compound known as “oleocanthal” that derives its name from the Latin oleo=olive and canth=sting and “al” from the fact that the phenolic is in the aldehyde chemical group. Basically describing the bitter spicy flavor of better Olive Oils. There is a lot of oleocanthal in EVOO in fact it makes up about a third of the polyphenol component of EVOO. It has very strong anti-inflammatory properties and inflammation is the major cause off most chronic diseases. Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other neural disorders to name a few. It is a good idea to consume 3 Tbs. a day either on its own or in the food you eat.
It’a just like salt and pepper   
Just so you know the bitterness may not appeal to you when you taste Olive Oil on its own because the better oils usually have a strong bitter and pepper component (that is the oleocanthal).  However when you put it on food it’s like salt and pepper or any other condiment you might use and it improves the flavor of whatever you are eating.  It is even good drizzled on vanilla ice cream with a crunchy sea salt and toasted almonds.
Americans don’t consume enough EVOO  
Europeans consume about 16 Liters of EVOO a year where as in the US individuals consume on average about 1 liter per year.   On top of that most of the EVOO that Americans consume, about 70%, isn’t even olive oil according to European standards.  So we have a long way to go in order to catch up.  Pour it on everything and learn to cook with it.  A lot of folks are confused about it’s smoke point. If you are using fresh EVOO like you’ll find on this site with a decent polyphenol count the smoke point is actually 425º.  That’s way more than a good sizzle!


This is what you need to know about Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crossroads Food and Wine.

  • The Flos Olei Guide reviews and  rates the farming, harvest and milling practices of the 500 top EVOO producers in the world in addition to the quality of the olive oils.  About 100 producers score in the excellent to very excellent range (90 -98 Points) The EVOOs we offer on the site come from the top 10% of this elite group with in the Guide.   In addition we offer the Olive Oils from 3 of our favorite wine makers from Tuscany.  These wine makers are infatuated with their olive groves and we refer to them as bucket list EVOOs because they are very rare.

  • Yes Crossroads4ExtraVirginOliveOil is a different site than the CrossroadsFoodAndWine site but it is the same good people dedicated to bringing you great artisan foods. We partner with the best importers and producers so there is a different set of rules associated with each site.

  • There are 3 really good EVOOs, from Marco Viola on the CrossroadsFoodAndWine site that can be incorporated into a purchase of beans to bars chocolate and other artisan foods from Italy to meet the minimum for free shipping which is $75.

A high percentage of our producers submit their EVOOs for review in the guide and score in the high 90s which is exceptional.  Here are a few of the highlights from the 2016 Flos Olei Guide.

The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Extraction System: Frantoio Franci, Italy
The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Light Fruity: Frantoio Bonamini, Italy
The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil  – Medium Fruity: Azienda Agricola Pruneti, Italy
The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil  – Intense Fruity: Azienda Agraria Viola, Italy


Click Here To Learn More About La Cultivada Hojiblanca

One of our Favorite Olive Oils

Fruity and Lush in the mouth the spice and bitterness come and go quickly leaving a almond and apple finish.  This is a fantastic all around oil and the tin is actually a better vessel for storage than than even amber glass bottles.  This is USDA certified organic and one of the best sellers in our book!

Pour Extra Virgin Olive oil on Everything

How We Use EVOO...Recipes

Estate bottled EVOO is magic with all sorts of food.   The health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil are remarkable and it mates the other good foods you eat better for you. We’ve had a great source for over a decade and been able to experiment with all sorts of foods we have been flying in to Western Colorado for clients. We pour it on just about everything and we cook with it. If you like recipes and want to see how we incorporate EVOO into our diet this is the page for you.
The Best 1/2 Liter Bottle Of EVOO On the Planet

Great EVOO Under $20

It is hard to find a good bottle of EVOO under $20.  “Selection” from Oleoestepa is DOP grade EVOO from the acknowledged best large producer in the world.  A DOP is a designated protected origin.  Estepa in Andalusia, Spain is the most highly regulated and stringent DOP in the world.  This is a sensational deal.

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