Giuliana Fresh Spanish Harvest 2018


Fresh Spanish Harvest 2018 is a private label in 500 ml.Bottle meant for Grocers but don’t expect to see it on the shelves anytime soon as your local grocers are a little slow on the uptake if you know what I mean. The oil is award winning Oleoestepa “Selection” and we put it in this package because the label is like a giant Shelf Talker with all the pertinent info I have suggested you pay attention to.  Medium fruit, a blend of  80% Hojiblanca with 20% Arbequina to round it out., with a polyphenol count of over 400 this is an incredible bargain.

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This little private label is meant for the shelves of grocery specialty food shops.  When wanted to give consumers all the pertinent inf up front.  The Oil is from the Estepa DOP in Andalusia, Spain.  The producer Oleoestepa is the largest great producer of EVOO in the world.   We buy a bunch of it at a time so the price is really good and is comparable to oils $20-$30 in a .500 liter format we think it is a bargain.  Pour it on everything!


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