EVOO La Cultivada Arbequina 2018 Harvest


A single variety oil, made from 100% Arbequina olives. This oil is yellow gold in color with a tinge of green. Its primary fragrances of tomato vines, and hints of fresh cut spring grass, and subtle hints of green apple. It flows smoothly through the palate, with a nutty flavor, a hint of bitterness and pleasant peppery finish. An elegant expression to enjoy.
Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain
Medium Fruit
500 ml – $20.49
Medium Fruit
Polyphenol count: 196 ppm
Harvest and Crush Date: October 31st 2016
Assort 3 Bottles Minimum….
Free Freight In the 48 Contiguous States

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Located near Cordoba in the shadows of the Sierra Morena Mountains in Andalusia, La Cultivada is the passion of Pedro Vecino Riera. In 1990 Pedro set a new course for the estate dedicated only to high quality through expressive and fresh olive oils. The farm is blessed with the near perfect combination of Mediterranean summers and mountain influenced winters making a special place for Hojiblanca to thrive. While olives have been cultivated and oil produced here since Roman times it really has been only in the last 20 years that a dedicated handful of producers have started a revolution in quality over quantity and the results are astonishing.
The oils are produced from early harvested olives that are pressed in less than a 2 hours to lock in freshness at its peak. The cool, soft extraction yields oil with gorgeous apple fruit to balance the delicious grassy notes. It’s an incredible feat in olive oil production. It has a beautiful yellow gold color with bright green edges, it’s medium bodied with aromas of freshly cut grass, apple and celery. Bitterness and spiciness are low. On the pallet this oil is so fresh that there isn’t an oily texture, it disappears and you are left with delicious green grass, apple and olive flavors. It can be used on everything in the kitchen but would excel in vegetable soups, fresh grilled bread with tomatoes, fish, raw oysters, vegetable pastas and mushroom risotto. It’s packaged in a beautiful gold tin for maximum preservation of freshness and the label is original artwork from the Spanish artist Pedro Mora.


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