EVOO 2018 Frantoio Franci Villa Magra Grand Cru


The only olive oil I have tasted that is worth $50.  Frantoio Franci Grand Cru, extra virgin olive oil from Italy is made from 100% Frantoio olives. Villa Magra Gran Cru comes from the Chiusello sub parcel and their oldest trees. Mt. Amiata lies off to the southwest and produces a micro-climate… a cooler zone where ripening is slow and concentration of phenolic compounds become very high.  High pitched and clear artichoke flavors with loads of spice and black pepper. High Intensity with a slick mouth feel and a nutty finish.

Worth Every Penny! Villa Magra Grand Cru is on my bucket list every year.

Intense Fruit
Polyphenol count: 673 mg/kg
Harvest and Crush Date: October 2018
98 points – Flos Olei Guide 
Gold Medal Robust Frantoio – NYIOOC 2014
500 ml. bottle
Assort 3 Bottles Minimum
Free Freight In the 48 Contiguous States

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Giorgio Franci is among the most talented and passionate producers of EVOO in  Italy. His understanding of olive oil, from the farming of trees to the milling of olives, is incredible. These are the most highly awarded olive oils in our collection and are famous not just in Italy, but France, Germany, Switzerland, North America and Asia. Founded in 1958, Franci has become a cult producer of olive oil, with a following around the world.
“Have had several bottles of this EVOO in the past, it’s a fantastic food enhancer.  I discovered a while back that lightly cooked eggs, as in soft boiled digest more easily than even ever so gently fried eggs.  So I use the Cooks Illustrated Test Kitchen method… 1/2 inch of water in a covered medium sauce pan…when it’s boiling I add 2-3 eggs right out of the fridge and set the timer for 7 minutes. at 6 1/2 minutes I rinse the eggs in cold tap water till the alarm goes off, scoop them out of the shells and add a little Ritrovo’s Truffle Salt, ground pepper and whatever intense olive oil I have in the house…., I pour EVOO on everything….Jerry”


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