EVOO Frantoio di Riva 46 Parallelo 2018 Harvest


EVOO 2015, Frantoio di Riva 46 Parallelo, extra virgin olive oil from Italy made from 100% Casaliva olives from 10,000 trees averaging 130 years in age grown on the north shore of Lake Garda. A gorgeous olive oil, Color: golden green with good clarity. Aroma: medium-intense fruity, strictly green with distinct herbaceous notes reminiscent of rocket and artichoke and hints of green almond, as well as pine nut and green apple. Flavour: initially balanced with a delicate bitterness, it reveals a distinct spicy structure that accompanies renewed flavour sensations and finishes with an appealing mineral note. Very rare, definitely one for the bucket list of any EVOO enthusiast.
Use to finish just about anything in the kitchen, soft fry eggs, fresh salads, meats, cured meats, soups and all types of seafood. Try raw on fresh shucked oysters!

500 ml. bottle
Delicate Fruit
Flos Olei Guide 97 Points 2014, 15 &16
500 ml. bottle
Assort 3 Bottles Minimum
Free Freight In the 48 Contiguous States


Agraria Riva del Garda was founded in 1926 and is a collection of 1800 olive growers, 300 grape growers and 80 farmers and producers of various local products from fruit to salumi, cheese and pork. It’s a great example of farmers working together in a fully integrated economic network focused on quality and local products. It was a fantastic experience visiting them in 2012 to witness the collaborative effort first hand. While the quality of all their products is very high, the olive oil is something even more special. The Casaliva olive variety is only found here, on the north-shore of Lake Garda. This is a small micro climate where the alpine environment is tempered by the lake producing a small oasis where the olive tree can survive.
These are some of the most northerly planted olive trees in Europe. The trees are planted on steep terraces and the holdings are very fragmented among families, some of the grow­ers own as few as 12 trees, but they are driven to contribute perfect olives to the Agraria. A strict selection occurs at the mill, which is a state of the art, three-phase continuous operation, and all of the oil is produced and bottled on site. These oils are as elegant and creamy as Puglian oils are intense and pungent; they are the perfect counterpoint to the more Mediterranean styles and showcase the variety of flavor and texture available in real Italian olive oil. The awards Agraria Riva del Garda has acquired for their oils is too long to list, but maybe the most significant achievement was the dedication of one of very first Italian DOP for olive oil in 1998, and it was given to this small region when they were the only olive mill in the area. The oils from Garda have always been something very rare and very special.


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