EVOO Frantoio Bonamini DOP Veneto Valpolicella 2018 Harvest


“This has been a very popular bottle in the store. Very versatile…enough spice to finish meats and seafood, light enough to use in a salad dressing, flavors of banana fruit, celery and grass this Olive Oil is  round and creamy… You hardly ever see this EVOO out of Italy.  Bonamini is is quite affordable and one of our most popular selections…Jerry”

• Best DOP/IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Light Fruit – Flos Olei Guide
• 97 points – Flos Olei Guide 

50% Favarol 50% Grignan
Delicate to Light Fruit
500 ml. bottle.
Assort 3 Bottles Minimum
Free Freight In the 48 Contiguous States

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Frantoio Bonamini Veneto Valpolicella, extra virgin olive oil from Italy. Sabrina Bonamini produces  some of the greatest light fruit olive oils in all of Italy! Her elegant, creamy and full of fruit oils are made from Grignano and Favarol.  Sabrina and her brother Giancarlo own 6,500 trees in the hills north east of Verona in the Valpolicella DOP. The family dates back several hundred years in the area but the great push for quality started in 1965 when their father Stefano bought out the rest of the family and concentrated the efforts of the farm.
Olive cultivation in these hills per-dates the Romans and is a jewel of Italian oil production. Over the millennia the cooler, northern mountain climates forced the olive trees to adapt, producing smaller olives with more mild phenolics. The Veneto olive oil is not as famous as Tuscany and Puglia but that is only because the quantity produced here is so small and rarely makes it out of Italy. This is a must have olive oil and one that showcases the vast diversity of styles found in Italy. Bonamini is our newest addition to the collection and we are excited about it’s future. Marco Oreggia, publisher of Flos Olei Italy’s top olive oil guide, calls Bonamini “Unbeatable in its category” and “an undisputed point of reference”.


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