EVOO 2016 Pruneti Leccino


Pruneti Leccino 2016
500 m. – $34.00
Medium Fruit
Polyphenol count: 376
Free Acidity:
Harvest and Crush Date: Oct. 20th – Nov. 10th 2016

100% Leccino. Very fragrant with bright and clear notes of grass, wild flowers and herbs Complex taste full of grass, mint, sage and basil. A touch of sweet apple and green banana fruit fill out the oil and add more layers. Full bodied with rich texture. Leccino is a rare varietal from Tuscany! Moderate spice and bitter notes. Great on simple grilled ciabatta, polenta and sausages, pasta dishes and grilled steak.

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Gionni and Paolo Pruneti, still in their thirties, just in their thirties, but passionate from an early age about the extra virgin olive oil, are living as guardians of a family tradition handed down over four generations.
“The fundamental principle that inspires us is clear and precise: to obtain a top quality extra virgin olive oil we must have excellent raw ingredients (the olives) and a blend of culture, experience, technique and, above all, craftmanship.
In order to do this job well, there is one important rule: preserve intact the nutritional qualities and health benefits of the olive as much as possible, while always attempting to bring out all the wonderful aromas and flavors.
To follow a rule that may seem rather simple it is necessary to control every phase that leads to the extraction of the oil. It is exactly for this reason that we chose to manage personally every moment of this process: from the olive tree to the consumer, passing through fertilization, pruning, harvesting, pressing and bottling.”


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