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Frantoio Franci... Tuscany, Italy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Frantoio Franci is the most awarded EVOO in the world.   Giorgio Franci’s farm and olive mill are located on the slopes of the Amiata Mountains, overlooking the splendid valley of the River Orcia in Tuscany.  After purchasing  the famous Villa Magra Estate Giorgio realized that the family should concentrate or producing Super Premium Olive. “We were virtually unknown. Our size and structure did not allow us to be competitive with the big producers. Furthermore our skills in producing great oils, was not matched by our commercial ability. It was then that we decided to make quality our goal; a challenging prospect, but a challenge which we eagerly embraced as the only way forward; true, genuine quality, absolute with no compromise.”

Frantoio Di Riva... Alto Adige, Italy

46° Parallelo refers to the latitude.  Over 2000 years ago, the ancient Romans brought the first olive trees to the upper Lake Garda region. With it’s sheltered geographic location and Mediterranean micro-climate due to proximity to Lake Garda, it is one of the northern-most zones for olive cultivation in both Italy and Europe and now boasts a centuries long tradition. The main olive grown is the local Casaliva variety; together with the Frantoio variety, they make up over 95% of the total olive crop. Other varieties present to a lesser degree include Leccino and Pendolino olives, as well as the local Raza, Trepp and Favarol varieties.

VIOLA... Umbria, italy

Whether it is Biologico, Sincero, Colleruita or Tradizionale Extra Virgin Olive Oil from MARCO VIOLA are truly extraordinary. Highly acclaimed for their farming techniques as well as the quality of their EVOO they are also recognized as innovators in the production process…. “Extraction technique: technology here knows no bounds; we are not sure if it is to improve sensational oil or to go deeper into the milling experience. Recently it seems that Umbria is home to a genetically modified breed of millers, not seen elsewhere. Trees: in the municipality of S. Eraclio of Foligno, grown on rocky hillsides, from 300 to 400 meters. Pickers tie themselves to the tree trunks during harvest so as not to fall. Owner: Marco Viola continues the ambitious project started by his ancestors over 200 years ago who had left a sharecropping system, even then focusing on olive oil quality.”

Olio Bonamini Veneto Valpolicella Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frantoio Bonamini... Veneto, Italy

Olio Bonamini….. The hills of Verona in Northern Italy are world famous as the origin zone of prestigious wines such as Recioto from Soave and Amarone from Valpolicella.

On the highest parts of these hills, on narrow terraces in almost inaccessible areas, the Grignano and Favarol indigenous varieties of olive trees and the typically Italian Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo varieties have been cultivated for many years.

Given the particular nature of the area, all aspects of cultivation, including harvesting, are carried out by hand, in order to ensure the olives arrive at our mill completely intact. Cold extraction with continuous press then transforms the olives into an extra virgin olive oil of particular delicacy and fragrance.

Extra Virgin Olive oil by de Carlo

De Carlo... Puglia, Italy

The De Carlo family heritage of the magnificent olives cultivated in their groves can be found in the oldest documents in the archives of Bitritto. There are many notarized acts that date as far back as the 16th century.  The company has been managed by Saverio and Grazia De Carlo since 1980, accompanied over recent years by their children Marina and Francesco and their son-in-law Arturo. The new generation, who all share the same passion, inherited from their parents, have developed a company policy focused on a short supply chain (most of the raw materials come from their own fields), top quality, great flavour and the very highest levels of customer satisfaction.

La Cultivada Extra Virgin Olive Oil is food from the land

La Cultivada... Andalusia, Spain

La Cultivada translates to food from the land and terroir of the the Molino de Santa Ana Estate is truly exceptional…They offer three varietals Hojiblanca, Arbequina and Picual that all have remarkable aromas and flavor.  The characteristics of each olive variety and the local Cordoban climate, along with the strict controls kept on traceability and production. The olive trees are irrigated with rain water supplied from our Estate’s own reservoir. Both biodynamic and organic agricultural practices combine to for the ultimate farming model. Among other techniques applied, we have reduced the number of external inputs in order to improve the fertility of our soil. The Hojiblanca is the single most popular Olive Oil I have ever sampled to consumers.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Spain By Oleoestepa

Oleoestepa... Andalusia, Spain

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain by Oleoestepa unites the efforts of more than 5,000 olive growers and the 17 associated oil mills located in the Estepa and Puente Genil districts of Seville and Cordoba respectively. The virgin olive oil produced is the result of the olive oil production experience handed down from father to son and accredited by more than 2,000 years in the region. Even though this is a large producer their emphasis is on quality and the oils are spectacular. The uniqueness and richness of our soil and the climate in the area, typically Mediterranean, but strongly influenced by the Becerreo and Aguila Sierras, which divide the north from the south of our area of influence, provides the ideal conditions for the varieties of olives grown here: Hojiblanca, Manzanillo, Picual and Arbequina.

What You Neet To Know About EVOO

When it comes to  extra virgin olive oil there’s still is a new scam every day.   Most consumers are not very good shoppers!  They simply take what is offered to them at the grocery store and assume that it is fit to eat. People are way too trusting of traditional grocers and for that matter their favorite chefs.  Food fraud is the norm not the exception so lets see if we can help you make some better choices when it comes to EVOO.

In addition to the fact that estate bottled EVOO is magic with all sorts of food the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil are legend.  Oleocanthal (the bitter flavor you get when tasting) is 1/3 of the polyphenol content of olive oil and it has anti-inflammatory properties to fight degenerative disease. The bitter notes in Olive Oils are also flavor enhancers just like Cocktail Bitters consequently we pour it on just about everything and we cook.  The smoke point is higher than you’d imagine at 425 degrees.  If you like recipes and want to see how we incorporate EVOO into our diet this is the page for you.


Oro Bailen... Andalusia, Spain

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain by OroBailen is produced at the gateway to Andalusia, in the province of Jaen, in the town of Villanueva de la Reina. Olives have been a staple here for centuries but the Gálvez-González family is relatively new to the business. However they had great business skills and are one of those Spanish concerns that have brought with them a new perspective. They wished to produce quality EVOOs rather than the bulk oils most common in Spain. In 1999 the Gálvez-Gónzalez family acquired its 2 olive grove farms, “La Casa del Agua” a country farm and “Los Juncales”a mountain farm (Sierra Morena). In 2005 they opened their mill with state of the art milling equipment and innovative techniques. They have been on the award circuit since 2007 garnering a bigger list of platitudes each year since. Considered to be one of the top producers in the world their monocultivar Arbequina and Picual are extraordinary.