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Overpriced and Out of Date

When you see the Olive Oils below in the grocery most are not bad if they are current harvest  EVOOs but you should look at the labels and be aware of the prices.  Some do not have dates.  Many in grocery stores even the so called best specialty food store chains with big name reputations have out of date harvests on their shelves.  At 18-24 months Largely depending on polyphenol count an EVOO is history.  I have seen some of these that are as old as 8 years on the shelves of groceries.  As I have said some of these examples can be very nice,  Most do not submit themselves to the Flos Olei Guide which scrutinizes everything from farming to quality.  One in particular comes from a really large number of producers.  Oh and if you are shopping on line many websites don’t either tell you the size of the bottle or the harvest date so be careful.  Generally speaking they are very expensive.
At Crossroads4ExtraVirginOliveOil.com the EVOO is all from last Fall’s 2015 harvest.   We will start to see a few from the  2016 harvest about December and the rest in mid January and early February.
Our prices are sensational! There are 10 EVOOs that are under $25 and Alberto Romano is the best bottle of medium Fruit EVOO in the world under $20.  You also have the opportunity to buy all sorts of great artisan products on our sites including the worlds best beans to bars chocolate.  Sign up for our email and enjoy our Quick, Easy and Delicious series of recipes.

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Everywhere and and overpriced... the most common EVOOs on the shelves of grocery stores across the US!
Chocolate Crostini w/Sea Salt & Olive Oil
Why Beans To Bars Chocolate
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